About Us

Who am I: My name is Jerry L. Green an Air Force Veteran and founder of Black-In-USA.com (formerly Southern California Black Business Expo). In 2007, Jerry started, published, and circulated the Southern California Black Business Expo Directory which helped identify him as a resource in the Black community.

Who are we: Black-In-USA.com is an advertising, information, and marketing resource.

What we do: Our focus and purpose is to promote and increase the sales of Black businesses to Black consumers.

How we add value: By exposing your product/service to thousands of Black consumers who want to buy/support your business.

What is quantifiable evaluation of our value: Since the start of Black-In-USA.com (formerly Southern California Black Business Expo) Black businesses have experienced millions of dollars in increased sales.

3 Objectives of Black-In-USA.com:

  1. Increase Black Business Sales Opportunities to Black Consumers (Publication & Website)
  2. Create a platform for Black Business to Black Business Networking (Website)
  3. Bring the Black Community Together (Website Event Calendar)